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Denpasar Tour

Trip to see closely Balinese People with their Daily Rituals and Culture. It is interesting tour trip to Denpasar Town: Capital City of Bali, Badung Traditional Market, Bali Museum, Jagatnatha Temple, Catur Muka Statue, Bajra Sandi Monument.
Favorite Capital City Tour.

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Bali Museum Bali2 Freelance Guide

Bali Museum

Bali Museum is ,collecting the ancient and historic item, historic omissions from Denpasar and the surrounding area. Bali Museum located just next to Jagatnatha Temple.

Pasar Badung2 Bali Freelance Guide

Traditional Market

Pasar Badung Traditional Market is located closed to Bali Museum, its center of Traditional Market for Balinese People to sell and buyer variety items of daily life need.

Bajra Sandhi2 Bali Freelance Guide

Bajra Sandi Monument

Bajra Sandi Monument is monument where you can see beautiful monument building to honor the struggle effort from the Balinese to keep maintain the strong culture.Its location opposite of Bali Governor Office.